Why do you want to sell hair extensions?

"I have been purchasing clip-on hair extensions ever since i was in high school from different labels all around the world but none of them have met my expectations. The good ones are expensive and the cheaper one reeks of bad quality. Therefore, i have decided to start my own line of great quality & affordable clip-on hair extensions"

Wirda Elliesa, 25
Founder of Luxetress
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My mission is to make everyone look & feel good about themselves regardless of race, sexuality and religion.
How you started & why?

"Business was my fascination. There’s nothing like creating a product that will be loved by everyone and seeing girls wearing something that you're selling– that’s all very fun to me. I turned my followers into a target market and started up my own hair extension line. I've met and worked with people I could only dream of getting in touch with. 


I've graduated from Fashion Design & Merchandising and didn't know exactly what I wanted to do after that. I knew I always had the creative mind and passion, but for a long time I didn't act upon it and all I knew was that I wanted to be successful and run my own company.

Where did the name 'Luxetress' come from?

"Luxetress basically means Luxury Hair. Luxe: Short form for luxury & Tress: derive from the other synonym for Hair."

Long term goals for Luxetress?

"I want it to become a world-recognised brand with our own HQ & a physical Luxetress store all around the world."