Play with my hair,
not my heart.
Why Luxetress?

With our hair extensions & wigs, You can finally have that long and voluminous hair that you have always dreamed of. Life is too short to have boring hair!



Get a perfect hair colour match. Email or DM us on our instagram and attach a picture of your hair in natural daylight & our team will assist you.



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My hair blends really well with the hair extensions! I don't have to put extra effort in curling my hair compared to the previous extensions i got. Luxetress hair extensions also detangle easily and make it easier to brush them.

Ainumie B


i usually got hair extensions weaved on my hair which usually will weaken and damage my hair. My friend introduced me to Luxetress and i love it so much! i can put my clip on hair extensions on as and when i feel like it! The best part is i can sleep well now because i don't have to sleep with my hair extensions on unlike my previous hair extension method. 

Amanda Zainal

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I have never worn clip-on extensions. It was abit awkward at first but got used to it and feels so natural. Now I can't live without it!



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