femme fatale/ˌfam fəˈtɑːl/noun

An attractive and seductive woman, especially one who is likely to cause distress or disaster to a man who becomes involved with her.


Embrace your inner femme fatale and achieve a mysterious & sexy eye look with these flared lashes perfect for when you’re feeling a little naughty. These vegan, cruelty-free, 3D faux mink styles are reusable so they are designed to last and last and last.


  • Vegan, cruelty-free, 3D faux mink
  • Advanced thin-flex band easily molds to your eye shape and makes it easy to apply
  • Weightless lashes provide comfort for long wear
  • Reusable 15-20 times with proper care

Femme Fatale - Faux Mink Lashes